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 Missile Lahat sur hélico

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MessageSujet: Missile Lahat sur hélico   Missile Lahat sur hélico EmptyMar 8 Juin - 14:00

IAI Conducts Successful Firing Trial of LAHAT Missiles from IAF COBRA Helicopter
Missile Lahat sur hélico Bc4e6e67ccd71d9b5e75b11a40d4c6bc6fa35059_big
18:11 GMT, February 2, 2010 Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has conducted a successful firing trial of two Laser Homing Attack (LAHAT) laser-guided missiles from an Israel Air Force (IAF) COBRA helicopter. The missiles were fired from the helicopter at ranges of 3.5 km and 7 km, resulting in direct impact on the targets.

"The LAHAT missile system was based on the company's long history of advanced laser weapon systems for air and ground forces," said Itzhak Nissan, President and CEO of IAI. "For more then 30 years, IAI's MBT Division has been the main Israeli supplier for laser guided munitions for the Israel Defense Forces, as well as for many other satisfied customers worldwide. We are very satisfied with this latest round of firing trials."

The LAHAT lightweight precision guided weapon utilizes a semi-active laser homing guidance method, and can be fired from the barrel of a tank gun, from light vehicles and from light helicopters, hitting targets with pinpoint accuracy at ranges of up to 8 km. It is effective against armored targets and in the war against terrorism.

LAHAT is also effective in urban areas, where a low collateral damage solution is absolutely required. The missile strikes both stationary and moving targets designated for the attack, and can be launched either from a firing platform or by an indirect designation such as a helicopter, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or a forward observer.

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Missile Lahat sur hélico
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