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 Putin and the NWO

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Putin and the NWO Empty
MessageSujet: Putin and the NWO   Putin and the NWO EmptyDim 2 Jan - 17:20

Citation :
Putin Stands Up to the New World Order

Putin stands up to the New World Order
by Jason Conely

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a year-end press conference in the Kremlin before foreign and Russian journalists. I happened to have the privilege of watching Putin’s performance, and I must say that I was very impressed with his answers. Watching Putin and Bush answer questions from journalists, one immediately sees the difference.

I would like to briefly point out some of the main topics discussed by during the press conference:

First, it was clear that the questions and answers were not scripted. Putin did not read from notes, and it was remarkable how he was able to quickly respond with facts and figures to the wide range of questions posed to him.

I’d have to say that main theme, if one can call it a theme, of the press conference was Putin’s pointing to the double standards being used to judge Russia in world affairs. Regarding so-called “democracy,” he quickly pointed out that while outside powers forced the Macedonian government to allow the Albanian ethnic minority have representation in the government according to its percentage of the population, when ethnic Russians in Riga also ask for such representation, it’s somehow different.

Putin also said that he opposed the Soros/Freedom House/CIA sponsored revolutions that seem to be all the rage these days. “A system of permanent revolutions, rose revolutions, or others is very dangerous. We must learn to live according to the law, which is my greatest concern, and not by political expediency that is considered somewhere else for one people or another,” was his response to a reporter’s question regarding his position on the current political situation in Ukraine. He said that it was like a football match that had its rules changed once it already began.

As another example of he double standards regarding democracy, Putin pointed out that while the “West” was against any election in Chechnya, they seem to be quite willing to accept the seriously flawed election that was held in Afghanistan. He said that he could not see how elections could be held in Iraq when it is a country currently occupied by foreign troops. Putin also reminded the journalists that the OSCE recognized the results of elections in Kosovo, which shows that there are double standards when it comes to human rights.

When a Polish journalist asked Putin about Polish President Kwasniewski’s remark that Russia without Ukraine is better for the United States than Russia with Ukraine, he said that this sounded like a statement made by a man who is looking for a new job once his term expires. “The head of a country respected throughout the world should refrain from commenting on the policies of another country.

When a Georgian journalists asked Putin if Russia’s position on Abkhazia is an example of Russia’s own double standards and said that it has caused anger “not only in Georgia, but also the whole West,” he asked if the whole West also received its wages from George Soros.

Lastly, I would like to point out that Putin defended the purchase of a Yukos oil-producing division by Rosnfet. He said that after the illegal privatizations of the 1990s, the Russian state is simply defending its own interests. Actually, it is very rare when the natural resources of a country are not controlled by the State. The United States is the biggest exception. Most other countries, such as France, control their natural resources. Putin said that the state is simply using legal mechanisms to protect Russian interests.
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Putin and the NWO
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