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 Globalisation and immigration, no !

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Globalisation and immigration, no ! Empty
MessageSujet: Globalisation and immigration, no !   Globalisation and immigration, no ! EmptyLun 22 Nov - 12:02

Citation :
10 million immigrants needed!

A further flood of migrants is needed to prevent a pensions crisis by 2025 according to a report issued by the Cass Business School.

The City of London based institute today announced the results of “research” which concluded that up to 10million migrants were needed by 2025 so that Britain’s pensioners could continue to claim £80 per week.

Ageing population

The essential problem facing the UK is that there are not enough workers to support pensioners because we are living longer and birth rates have fallen. In 1990 there was one pensioner in the UK for every four workers. By 2030 there is projected to be nearly two pensioners for every five workers.

As laid out in the first Pension Commission report on 12 October, there are only so many ways to support pension schemes. These are: higher contributions, working longer and a greater working population. If productivity remains static, the UK will have to rely on migrant workers to feed that state pension pot.

Fallacious argument

This is a wholly fallacious argument yet is often repeated by newspaper pundits and politicians in a desperate attempt to justify the wholesale population and socio-cultural changes taking place across Britain as a result of a massive flood of migrants in the past decade. Those who espouse such an idea are either ignorant of the facts or thoroughly dishonest.

The argument is fuelled by what is called the “dependency ratio". As mentioned above, currently there are 4 younger workers for every pensioner, a ratio of 4:1. This figure changes as more workers retire and are not replaced by younger workers. So by 2030 it is predicted that there will be 2.5 workers for every pensioners. The result being that the smaller workforces would have to be taxed even more heavily than at present to pay for the expanding population of pensioners.

The apologists for mass migration suggest that we can keep taxation down and the dependency ratio at 4:1 simply by allowing in a suitable number of migrants to replace the aging workers.

Flawed thinking

The argument fails for one very obvious reason which seems to have missed the learned scholars who compiled both the Pensions Commission report and the Cass Institute report.

Mass immigration is not an answer to an aging population! Why? Simply because the immigrants themselves age. A 30 year old migrant worker from Iraq entering Britain in 2000 would be a pensioner himself by the year 2035. Several million migrants in their 20s and 30s would be an even greater burden by the middle of the century unless of course there was continuous net immigration. For every 1 million migrants arriving in the next decade, a further 4 million will be needed in 35 years time to pay for the pensions of these 1 million migrants who by 2040 will be pensioners themselves, these 4 million migrants will need to be supported by an extra 16 million migrants by about 2075 and so on.

No space left

The argument of the immigrationists simply doesn’t stack up against common sense, the UK is already grossly overcrowded. We cannot comfortably manage with another 100,000 migrants without covering over the entire south east of England with concrete and tarmac. A further 10 million bodies is simply unimaginable.

An ageing population, while it appears to be inevitable in the next 30 years, does not need to be the nightmare scenario of high taxation and starving pensioners. It certainly does not need the destruction of what is left of our countryside in order to build the new cities needed to house an influx of 10 million migrants.

Globalisation to blame

The problem is not simply about an increasing number of pensioners but due to a very real extent of the increasingly globalisation of the world’s economy which means that economic decisions are made by governments on the basis of how global corporations will boost their profits rather than decisions made for the benefit of nation-states.
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Globalisation and immigration, no !
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