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 Propaganda now

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MessageSujet: Propaganda now   Mer 8 Nov - 19:47

Pagan community (including Hellenists, Romanists, Celtists, Asatruars, Romuvians, etc.) is growing.

But it is not growing enough.

There are thousands of Pagans in the West. But thousands is not enough. There is a need for millions.

Indeed, there are not many Pagans in any country of the white Indo-European world (except India, but that's another case).

And, in a world of masses, numbers do count.

One can hardly find any news about Pagans at the mainstream press. And the few cases noticed by the midia are of ridiculously small dimensions - two or three little persons worried with two or three little things.

Politically and socially speaking, Pagans have no numbers, no visibility, no influence, no nothing.

No matter how much some «witches» complain about persecutions and alike, the fact is that Pagans are not being discriminated.

Pagans are just being ignored. Period.

Nobody attacks Pagans because nobody cares about two or three excentric persons worshipping ancient Gods at the woods. Nobody. I'm not too mistaken if I state that any situation of discrimination felt by any Pagan person is only due to prejudice concerning odd, strange people, not concerning the worship of Ancient Gods.

In other words, if a pagan gets discriminated at work (or at school, or at the neighbourhood, whatever), that's most probably not because his/her beliefs, but because some people might consider that having unknown beliefs is strange - it's the oddity, not the Religion itself.

Because, indeed, Paganism is neither a political nor a religious issue. Most of the people don't even know that Pagans exist; and those who heard about such existence, just don't care.

And who's to blame?

«Christian oppression»? «Consumerism»? The constellations, perhaps...?...

At the moment, I see one main «guilty» agent of such situation - Pagans' lack of propaganda.

General Pagans' prejudice against what they usually call «acting like Christians» (proselytism).

But to inform a given person that s/he inherited a rich property - is that propaganda?

This is not like preaching at the doors, like the Jehova witnesses.

This is just informing and waking up people.

Meanwhile, Islam is coming to the West. Their women have really more children than a common European woman has. And there are more and more Westerners converting to that second wave of Semitic spiritual imperialism (the first wave being Christianity).

And Muslims are far more intolerant towards Paganism than Christians.

Europeans have low rates of birth. In a few generations, europeans will be one of the many ethnic minorities of the West. This is perhaps the last chance for the european full renewal in Europe and USA. Only a complete set of values, headed by Religion, can achieve the preservation of the european folks.

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MessageSujet: Re: Propaganda now   Mer 8 Nov - 20:08

I've made a little moderation into your text, dear friend. But you are true, pagan "propaganda" is necessary and I hope that this forum could help.
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MessageSujet: Re: Propaganda now   Mer 4 Avr - 21:10

What you say is not at all exactly true, becouse in some scandinavian countries paganism is recognized like other monotheistic religions.

As far as i remember, in Norvegia There are Asatru's Temple, financed by the governement. And people wedded in its temple can benefit of same rights than those in christian church.
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MessageSujet: Re: Propaganda now   

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Propaganda now
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