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 Dictionnaire en ligne en anglais

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MessageSujet: Dictionnaire en ligne en anglais   Mer 11 Mai - 12:15

Superbe dictionnaire très riche:

Si on sait bien s'en servir, on a des surprises. Sur la page de début, on ne trouve que des personnages célèbres mais en fait il y a un dictionnaire caché.

Ainsi en tapant:

Je découvre une page à jour (2005) consacré au manga complet.

Tous les dieux indo-européens sont évoqués, la quasi totalité des dirigeants et politiciens européens, des articles consacrés à Thiriart, Dumézil, tout sur le svastika dans cinquante pays, des liens... etc

Du jamais vu.

"Europe, relève toi !"
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 18530
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MessageSujet: Re: Dictionnaire en ligne en anglais   Mer 11 Mai - 12:19

regardez la richesse de l'article sur saint seiya par exemple...

Citation :
Saint Seiya (聖闘士星矢), also known as Knights of the Zodiac, is an anime and manga series about a group of five mystical warriors called the 'Saints' (or 'Knights') who have adopted various constellations as their totems of power.

They are given the task to protect Saori Kido (Sienna in the English adaptations), the reincarnation of Athena (the goddess of wisdom and war), and to fight against evil forces. It is based on the manga series of the same title by Masami Kurumada. The animation series first premiered on Japan's TV Asahi on October 11, 1986.

The series is currently being aired in North America on Cartoon Network every Saturday night as an edited-for-TV version called Knights of the Zodiac. An unedited subtitled version is being released by ADV Films. Viz's Shonen Jump titles the manga Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac for American audiences and it uses the English anime names.

The series was able to make so much success in certain parts of the world that it gained the status of "cult". In Brazil, for example, the debut of Saint Seiya in 1994 was responsible for changing the face of animation in the country, making people enjoy Japanese animation for the first time.

Saint Seiya begun to be known in the west as Knights of the Zodiac after it started making success in France, where it was given the name of Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque or in Spain, named as Los Caballeros del Zodiaco.

The story in the anime series consists of 114 episodes and can be basically divided into seven main parts:

The tournament for the gold armour of the Sagittarius
The search of the stolen pieces of the gold armour of the Sagittarius (and battle with the Black Saints)
The battle against the Silver Saints and other kinds of close encounters
The battle of the Sanctuary, which most fans consider the anime's finest part
The fight in Asgard, this fight doesn't appear in the manga series.
The battle in Poseidon's kingdom
The Hades' saga (13 OVA - unfinished)
The story in the manga series consists of 28 comic books.

The first 13 episodes of an OVA set in Hades' kingdom were released in November 2002. Before that, the Hades' saga could only be seen in the manga series. There have also been four theatrical releases. Those movies are generally considered as not belonging to the regular chronology, as they contain several storyline contradictions and even bring in out-of-flavour characters such as Lucifer. Nevertheless, a fifth movie came out in Japanese theatres in 2004, Tenkai-hen Overture, which is supposed to follow the regular chronology right after the end of the manga (which has not been entirely adapted in anime yet) a prologue to a Zeus chapter which has neither been announced as manga nor anime.

The manga has certain differences with the anime, like the lack of the Asgard saga.

Bronze Saints (protagonists)
Shun (knight of Andromeda)
Seiya (knight of Pegasus)
Shiryū (knight of Dragon)
Ikki (knight of Phoenix)
Hyōga (knight of Cygnus / Swan)
Other Bronze Saints
Jabu / Jab (knight of Unicorn)
Ichi (knight of Hydra)
Nachi (knight of Wolf)
Geki (knight of Bear)
Ban (knight of Minor Lion)
June (knight of Chameleon)
Silver Saints
Misty (knight of Lagartus)
Capella (knight of Auriga)
Babel (knight of Centaurus)
Dante (knight of Cerberus)
Jamian (knight of Crown)
Asterion (knight of Major Canis)
Moses (knight of Whale)
Algol (knight of Perseus)
Dio (knight of Fly)
Sirius (knight of Major Canis)
Algethi (knight of Hercules)
Shiva (knight of Pavon)
Agora (knight of Lotus)
Daidaros (knight of Cepheus)
Shina (knight of Snake)
Marin (knight of Eagle)
Tremy (knight of Sagitta)
Aracne (knight of Tarantula)
Crystal (knight of Crystal)
Orpheu (knight of Lyra)
Gold Saints
Mu (knight of Aries)
Aldebaran (knight of Taurus)
Saga (knight of Gemini)
Death Mask (knight of Cancer)
Aioria (knight of Leo)
Shaka (knight of Virgo)
Dohko (knight of Libra)
Miro (knight of Scorpius)
Aioros (knight of Sagitarius)
Shura (knight of Capricornius)
Kamus (knight of Acquarius)
Afrodite (knight of Pisces)
Asgard Warriors
Thor (knight of Phecda (Gama))
Fenrir (knight of Alioth (Epsilon))
Mime (knight of Benetnasch (Eta))
Alberich (knight of Megrez (Delta))
Hagen (knight of Merak (Beta))
Shido (knight of Mizar (Zeta))
Bado (knight of Arkor (Zeta))
Sigfried (knight of Dubhe (Alfa))
Marine Generals
Thetis (knight of Mermaid)
Bian (knight of SeaHorse)
Io (knight of Scylla)
Krisana (knight of Krisaor)
Kasa (knight of Lymunades)
Isaac (knight of Kraken)
Sorento (knight of Sirena)
Kanon (knight of SeaDragon)
Other notable protagonists
Saori Kido (Athena) / Princess Sienna: The leader of Bronze, Silver and Gold Saints.
Mitsumasa Kido / Lord Nobu : Grandfather of Saori. He gathered the kids to became Knights.
Miho: Seiya's friend. Works at an orphanage.
Ancient Master (Dohko) : Shiryū's master. Becomes the Master of Sanctuary. He is also the Libra Saint.
Shunrei: Lives in Rozan with the Ancient Master.
Notable antagonists
Saga: Gold Knight of Gemini, possessed by Ares, god of war
Hilda: Possessed by the Nibelung Ring (controlled by Poseidon in the anime)
Poseidon: God of the Seas
Kanon: Saga's twin brother who induced him to evil
Hades: God of the Underworld

"Europe, relève toi !"
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 18530
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MessageSujet: Re: Dictionnaire en ligne en anglais   Mer 11 Mai - 13:58

Même elle...

Citation :
Sylvia Saint [aka. Silvia Saint] (born Silvia Tomcalova on February 12, 1976) is an erotic actress from the Czech Republic. She was Penthouse Pet of the Year in 1996 (Czech edition) and after her introduction to the US porn industry in 1997--again in 1998 (US edition). Her first movie was shot in Prague for Private Media, and was a great success. From there, she moved across the Atlantic where she has spent over 3 years on US soil. Informally she has been referred to as "Anal Sex Queen".

Measurements: 36C-23-35 (91-59-89 cm)
Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Eyes Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

"Europe, relève toi !"
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MessageSujet: Re: Dictionnaire en ligne en anglais   

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Dictionnaire en ligne en anglais
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